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ICA Post-Conference: Sydney Australia

The 13th International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising


The 5th Annual Conference of the Public Relations Society of China

Post Conference Theme

International Stories: Building Relationships that Bridge Nations



悉尼  澳大利亚






University of New South Wales | University of Technology Sydney | May 26–29, 2020新南威尔士大学 | 悉尼科技大学 2020526 - 29


Relationships are built through communication. More importantly, relationships are built on shared values, shared interpersonal experiences, shared interactions, and shared stories. Although everyone’s memory of the significant events in history and their personal lives is lightly different, everyone’s memory is still shaped by recollections of sights, smells, tastes, locations, and most importantly, time spent with other people experiencing the world. Those experiences are what help others make sense of the world around them. Humans have been telling stories to help makes sense of the world and our places in it for tens of thousands of years. Historically, those stories were local, rooted in geographic place and time. But technology has changed things, transforming how we live and interact with organizations, products, celebrities, and each other. At the same time, monumental political and cultural upheavals have characterized the landscape in dozens of countries around the globe. This year’s ICA theme is “Open Communication,” a theme that tries to capture the essence of transparency, knowledge, and information sharing, but also the uncertainty of our global relationships. In an effort to capture those communicative issues, the theme of the 5th Annual Conference of the Public Relations Society of China and the 13th International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising is about “international Stories,” “relationships,” and “bridging” diverse cultures and how we tell our stories in a way that create a shared sense of transparency and trust. Papers that focus broadly on any of the themes will be considered for this year’s conference.




The Post-Conference will be held in Sydney, and hosted by The School of Arts and Media, University of New South Wales (UNSW), and The University of Technology Sydney (UTS), May 26–29.


A tour of campus, Papers and Panels will be scheduled for the 26th and 27th at University of New South Wales, while an agency tour, a reception, and a tour of the University of Technology campus will take place on the 28th and 29th.


·   Both full papers and abstracts may be submitted. Papers should not exceed 7,000 words (excluding frontmatter and references); abstracts should be approximately 500–1,000 words.

·   Acceptance notifications will be sent out by February 20, 2020.

·   Registration will open 20 February.

·   All day conference registration available on May 25

·   Submission deadline for papers/abstract, 20 January.

·   The conference is limited to 120 participants.

·   Panels in both English and Chinese will be held.

·  Send papers to ICA_2020_AU@MLKent.com


·  论文全文和摘要均可提交。论文不得超过7,000字(不包括前言和参考文献);摘要应大约为500-1,000字。

·  论文录取通知将于2020220日前发出。

·  注册将于220日开始。

·  525日全天会议注册

·  论文/摘要的提交截止日期为120日。

·  会议仅限于120人。

·  将举行中英文小组讨论。

·  中文论文请发送至prsc2015@163.com

 Sydney has several famous and easily accessible beaches including Bondi and Coogee, excellent dining, a Central Business District (CBD) with shopping and entertainment, the famous Sydney Opera House, an enchanting botanical Garden, shopping and a host of other activities. Temperature in Sydney in May average 21ºc/70ºf during the day.


悉尼拥有数个著名且方便到达的海滩,包括邦迪(Bondi)和库吉(Coogee),一流的餐厅,一个带购物和娱乐场所的中央商务区(CBD),著名的悉尼歌剧院,迷人的植物园,购物和许多其他活动。5月悉尼的平均气温为21 ºc /70ºf



Jim Macnamara, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Public Communication, School of Communication at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)



Macnamara is also a Visiting Professor at London School of Economics and Political Science, Media and Communications Department, and a Visiting Professor at the London College of Communication in the University of the Arts London (UAL). Macnamara is internationally recognised for his research into evaluation of public communication and for his work on organisational listening, receiving the 2017 Don Bartholomew Award from the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) for his contribution to the industry and the 2017 Pathfinder Award from the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) in the US, it’s “highest academic honour” for research in the field. Jim is the author of 16 books including Organizational Listening: The Missing Essential in Public Communication published by Peter Lang, New York in 2016 and Evaluating Public Communication: Exploring New Models, Standards, and Best Practice published by Routledge UK in 2018.  

Xianhong Chen, Ph.D., Professor of the Journalism and Information Communication School, Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyHUST)




Chen is also dean of China Story Creative Communication Institute (co-sponsored by CIPG and HUST), President of Public Relations Society Of China (PRSC), a leading figure of China public relations discipline, academic leader of China’s first doctoral program in public relations, and an Influential figure of China's Reform and Opening-up and Public Relations. Professor Chen's research directions include public relations and strategic communication, national narrative and brand communication. She holds the Major Research Project of the Ministry of Education “Research on telling China Stories and Promoting China’s National Discourse Power and Cultural Soft Power,” two Research Projects of the National Social Science Fund of China “The Public relations strategy of the government regulating new media” and “The Meta-narrative Communication Strategy of Telling China stories.” Professor Chen has written and published nearly 20 classic works, such as Ecological Theory of Public Relations, Modern Public Relations and Public Relations Theories for Contemporary China (Volume I and Volume II). She is the representative of the ecological school of public relations in China and the founder of the theory of “Positive Public Relations.” Her edited work Public Relations Theories for Contemporary China is regarded as China's first foundational theoretical reference book.

Aimei Yang, 

Ph.D.,Associate Professor,Public Relations,Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California (USC)




Yang’s research is positioned at the intersection of strategic public relations, inter-organizational networks, and civil society research. Yang studies issue advocacy and the dynamic network ecology among nonprofit organizations, corporations, and governments. Yang has published over forty peer reviewed journal articles and over ten book chapters. Yang’s work has appeared on impactful communication and management journals such as Communication Theory, Business & Society, Information, Communication, & Society, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, among others. Yang is a member of the Page Up Society and serves on the editorial board of Public Relations Review and Journal of Public Relations Research. Yang is currently the Chair of the Public Relations Division at the National Communication Association.


Fourth Keynote Speaker to be announced第四位主题演讲者即将宣布